Richard Philippe

  • Senior business advisor | Multidisciplinary team

Entrepreneurship is not an exact science, but rather a process that you perfect over time. The experience gained throughout the entrepreneurial cycle greatly increases the likelihood of success.  

Richard Philippe is a business strategy advisor who strives to boost the revenue growth of organizations. Over the years, he has built up extensive professional experience in marketing and business development on a national and international level (Canada, the US and Europe) in the healthcare industry in particular. This experience allows him to effectively define the issues related to commercial growth and business expansion.

He founded and held the role of President and CEO at Logi-D for 15 years. The innovative software and technological solutions developed and marketed by Logi-D for supply management in the healthcare industry achieved international recognition under his leadership.

The expertise that Richard Philippe built up over 30 years has allowed him to master all facets of the creation of an organization and successful product development: founding an organization, invention of patented advanced technological solutions, business expansion funding by venture capital partners, sale of the organization and integration into the buyer’s activities.

He specializes in:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Product development and management
  • Market development
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