Richard Gendron

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

Whenever you see a successful business, don’t forget that it’s because someone once made a courageous decision – Peter Drucker

Richard Gendron is a seasoned manager with extensive experience in corporate management. He headed boards of directors in major tech companies that include Locus Dialogue Inc., Datacom Wireless Corporation, Quelis Id Systems Inc., Quazal Technologies Inc., Algolith Inc., gsmprjct°technologie Inc. and YWire Technologies Inc. He also served as a non-executive director for Nimcat Networks Inc., Above Security Inc., YMCA du Grand Montréal and the Fondation Jean Duceppe and was a member of Maestro Technologies’ board of advisors.

In addition to his corporate management roles, Richard has also acted in an advisory capacity for management executives in expanding businesses and venture capital companies. In this capacity, he was the principal contractor who led several acquisition, merger, financing and restructuring transactions. On more than one occasion, he showcased his skill in setting up and leading business units. Richard Gendron is a recognized unifying leader who is able to lead a team to surpass their company objectives. He excels in marketing, sales and finance.

Richard Gendron is also an IGOPP trainer (Institute for governance of private and public organizations). He has been a CPA, CMA member of CPA Canada (Chartered Professionals Accountants of Canada) since 1981.

Richard Gendron specializes in:

  • Governance
  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Financing
  • Corporate management
  • Team management
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