Renée Émond

  • Senior Business Advisor | Sector Team

Experience tells you what you do and confidence allows you to do it. – Stan Smith

Renée Émond is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, finding out what their dreams are and helping them make these dreams a reality! She managed and later sold her environmental services company Biolab. This experience and the skillset she built up in 30-plus years as a CEO honed her multidisciplinary management expertise.

Early in her career, she was committed to helping other entrepreneurs. To date, she has guided over 200 entrepreneurs in evaluating their business plan and putting their strategy into action. As a result, she has managed several company acquisitions and rounds of financing and helped entrepreneurs to source funding. Her approach always involves understanding the challenges, coming up with every possible solution and applying the most appropriate solutions to projects.

Renée Émond holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) and an Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration).

She specializes in :

  • Business transfers
  • Funding strategies
  • Business plans
  • Management processes
  • Strategic planning
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