René Barsalo

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

“It’s important to successfully manage the transition that is currently happening between the previous generations who grew up in a world without computers or networks and the ones who have since been born.”

René Barsalo is a multimedia designer specializing in strategic development and communication. With 30 years of experience in digital content and interactive interface design, he is an active and well known member of the digital content community who has developed a large international network in that sector. Most notably, he co-founded the first digital associations in Quebec (FIM, Alliance Numérique) and a number of innovative and pioneering multimedia and e-commerce companies (SémioDesign, Pixcom Interactif, DynEC). From 2004 to 2011, he was Director of Research and Strategies at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) in Montreal and was then inducted as a lifetime member of the SAT’s Collège des créateurs-chercheurs. A recipient of numerous awards in design and creativity, Mr. Barsalo is also a sought-after speaker who maintains ties with the university and informal research communities. An active designer who is passionate about technological change, he is dedicated to the design of digital experiences and to technological and social co-design.

He specializes in:

  • Strategic development and analysis;
  • Network immersion, ubiquity and cooperation, and telepresence;
  • Innovation and co-creation (development of new products and markets).
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