Pierre Hugron

  • Honorary Chairman | Board of Directors

“I am proud to have been associated with Innocentre since its very beginnings. Its longevity and success result from the quality of its leadership and the fact that it has always been a learning company dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with innovative technology projects.”

Mr. Pierre Hugron has worked in university management, teaching and research for over 35 years. His teaching and research are mainly oriented to creation and administration of SMEs. A member of Boards of Directors of private companies and non-profit organizations, Mr. Hugron also acts as a management consultant in the private sector. He was the founder responsible for the Entrepreneurship and Bachelor of Business Administration concentration at École des HÉC from 1984-85 to 1995-96.  He is also the founder responsible for the Groupe de recherche sur les entreprises familiales (GREF) and founder and member of the Board of Directors of Club des Entrepreneurs HÉC. Mr. Hugron is one of Inno-Centre’s founders and lifetime members.

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