Nathalie Sadoine

  • Administrative coordinator - Programs | Administrative Team

There are no easy successes, nor definitive failures – Marcel Proust

Nathalie Sadoine has held a variety of administrative and corporate positions for over 20 years. Her expertise includes project coordination, human resources management, documentation management, tracking of activities, deliverables and deadlines, cost control, and billing. After completing her studies, Nathalie worked in France as an HR consultant and coordinator for companies in the IT and entertainment sectors. In Montréal since 2009, she has pursued her career as a project office manager and an administration consultant (project planning and control/PCO), in particular at Cofomo, Drakkar, and Ipso Design. Nathalie stands out for her ability to adapt to different environments, her communication skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in a large number of computer tool and solutions. Nathalie has a Master’s degree in Personnel Administration and Employment Management from the Institut de gestion sociale (Paris, 2005) and is a member of the PMI

Her areas of operation are:

  • Managing projects according to the programs concerned
  • Tracking of deadlines and response plans
  • Maintaining communications with advisors
  • Collaborating with administrative personnel and management
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