Marie-Claude Michaud

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.

Marie-Claude Michaud is a business strategy consultant who has worked for manufacturing companies, retailers, and financial services as well as renowned consulting services firms. She has built up over 25 years of experience at SMEs and large corporations that include Farm Credit Canada, Fontaine Santé, Groupe Dancause, FTQ Solidarity Fund, Secor Conseil and Culinar. As an expert in the agri-food industry, she supports clients as they explore new opportunities that include changing the company’s business model, strategic repositioning or implementing a new marketing strategy.

She also collaborates with business leaders in a range of industrial sectors on drafting their strategic plans. Most recently, these sectors included publishing, retail sales, transport services, construction products, industrial equipment and business services.

Marie-Claude is both creative and analytical and she has excellent critical and communication skills. She is renowned as a leader who inspires and motivates others. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in food science and technology, an MBA from HEC Montréal, and is a certified Corporate Director.


She specializes in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic marketing plans
  • Business positioning
  • Commercial audits
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