Louis Lafleur

  • Scientific director | Multidisciplinary team

“Errors are neutral; we can do what we want with them. Depending on how we perceive them, they will either overwhelm us or guide us to success.” —Dalai Lama

With a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Université Laval and a PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto, Louis Lafleur pursued his post-doctoral education in immunology at the Hoffmann-LaRoche Institute of Immunology in Basel, Switzerland. During his career, he has been a professor at Université Laval, the Institut Armand-Frappier (INRS Santé) and the University of British Columbia. He was also Assistant Director of R&D in Immunopathology at the Vancouver General Hospital, and Director of Production associated with intellectual property management and quality control at DiagnoCure. He has also worked as a scientific analyst at Sovar and Innovatech Québec.

His expertise :

  • scientific and technological analyst for company projects;
  • resource in technology monitoring, patentability analysis and regulatory issues review;
  • advisor for companies in product definition, creation and optimization.
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