Jean-Pierre Robert

  • Senior Business Advisor | Sector Team

Surrounding yourself with competent, passionate people who share a common goal allows you to understand the stakes and challenges at hand and facilitates decision-making that leads to achieving objectives.

Jean-Pierre Robert is a senior manager with broad experience in the field of life sciences. He launched his career in sales and marketing with the role of Vice-President at Fisher Scientific and Mallinckrodt Canada. Subsequently, he worked as Vice-President and Managing Director at Tyco Healthcare Canada, a company that employed 430 people (including 100 sales representatives) and reported global sales of $320 million. Jean-Pierre accepted his first CEO role at Biogentis Inc. He furthered the company’s strategic planning and partnerships with international businesses. In 2005, he accepted the role of President at Draximage (a division of Draxis Specialty Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ and TSX) and a world leader in the manufacture of radioactive products for nuclear medicine. Two years later, he retained the position of President at Draximage and also became CEO of Draxis, which was acquired by Jubilant Organosys, an Indian company, in 2008. Over three years, Mr. Robert boosted the company’s productivity and competitiveness to better position it in international markets. He established and managed partnerships with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutical, Ortho, Genzyme, Ferring and others. In 2010, Mr. Robert accepted the role of CEO at Cadens Medical Imaging, a medical imaging R&D company that develops specialized software for cancer screening and monitoring. He successfully developed the company, attracted investors and engineered an acquisition by Imagia Cybernetics in 2016. Jean-Pierre Robert holds a BA in Chemistry from Université de Montréal.

He specializes in:

  • Global strategic alliances/partnerships
  • Organizational restructuring and risk management
  • Fusion-acquisitions and change management
  • Strategic and tactical partnerships
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