Jean-Pierre Faucher

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

“I have the privilege of working with dynamic entrepreneurs who invent, develop, produce and market new technologies and new content for the national and international markets. I therefore have the opportunity to be one of their first supporters and partners as they rise to their challenge.”

Jean-Pierre Faucher is an international business development consultant in the interactive media industry with a specialty in video games. Most notably, he has been the Director of Partnership Development at Quebec’s Alliance numérique, founder of the Montreal International Video Game Summit, co-founder of the Canadian Interactive Alliance, and Publisher and Product Manager at Quebecor Media. A key figure in the communications and information technology sector, Mr. Faucher organized Quebec’s first “Start-up Numix” competition for the Regroupement des producteurs multimédias. He was a jury member for the Canada Media Fund and has been a funding project analyst at the Bell Fund since 2012. He was a jury member at the prestigious OCTAS Gala of the Réseau Action TI and the Numix Awards. Among his many achievements, he co-produced and hosted Quebec’s first television show about microcomputer technology and digital content.

He specializes in:

  • Digital strategy
  • Strategic partnering
  • Interactive marketing
  • Management and administration
  • Prospecting and agreement negotiating
  • Funding assistance
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