Jean Allan

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

“Supporting my clients means embarking with them on a value-adding adventure.”

Jean Allan works in the information technology (IT) business for 30 years. In addition to having strong corporate experience, he has founded and led two IT businesses and completed three acquisitions. He has held senior management positions with Fujitsu Consulting (formerly DMR Conseil) as Corporate Vice-president, Services and Alliances, and Vice-president of the Centre de compétence canadien. He was also Vice-president, Sales and Marketing, with Cognicase, and Director, Sales and Marketing, with MPACT Immedia. Also, for about 10 years, Jean has been acting as coach to the CEOs of SMEs. It should be noted that two of the firms that he has supported have received one of the National Bank’s SME awards. Jean Allan is a high-level advisor. His goal is to help enterprises reinvent themselves.

He specializes in:

  • Business strategies
  • Development of new business models
  • Development of value propositions
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