Henry Saumier

  • Senior Business Advisor | Sector Team

Effective goal setting is the foundation for measurable, meaningful and sustainable change.

Henry Saumier is a seasoned Canadian pharmaceutical industry professional. As CEO of Biron Laboratoire Médical, he managed operations across the main laboratory and some 125 points of service. In addition to increasing the company’s profitability, he reworked the organizational structure, increased productivity, retained staff, improved customer service, launched new value-added services and negotiated partnerships with similar organizations outside Quebec. From 2007 to 2010, he held the positions of Vice-President, Sales and Marketing at RX Canada Inc. and Director of Business Development, Quebec, at Calea Ltd. / Shoppers Drug Mart. During this period, he focused on strategic development, the signing of several agreements with pharmaceutical companies for rolling out innovative programs and marketing specialized products. Henry began his career in the pharmaceutical industry at Berlex Canada (Schering AG), a company that sold prescription products for use in gynaecology, oncology, neurology and diagnostic imaging. Henry served the company for 24 years and rose to the rank of Director of Corporate Affairs Development. He launched new products and medical support services both in Canada and internationally, negotiated transfer and licensing agreements with multinationals and managed a prospective analysis committee that explored future business opportunities. Henry Saumier holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Ottawa and a Certificate of Executive Education from Columbia Business School (Columbia University, New York).

He specializes in:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business development
  • International marketing
  • Managing management teams
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