Hani Macramallah

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

My personal motivation is in working with dynamic teams, sharing their passion, and helping them flourish and benefit from the experience, discipline and best practices of large companies in order to reach their full potential.

Hani Macramallah had an outstanding career of over 30 years at CAE, including 12 years as Vice-President and Executive Vice-President of Operations, responsible for 2,500 employees in engineering, manufacturing, logistics chain, quality assurance and information technology. With an annual budget of $400 million, the Operations Division included flight simulator design, production and delivery services for civil and military aviation. Before his noteworthy time in that position, Mr. Macramallah headed multiple research and development projects, including the MaxView visual system, which revolutionized the flight simulation market and enabled CAE to double its market share. He also introduced an initiative that reduced the production cycle from 32 to 10 weeks—an initiative that was recognized by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. His experience also covers the design and building of marine, nuclear, energy and air traffic control systems.

Hani Macramallah is involved primarily in the fields of engineering, manufacturing, aeronautics and electronics. He has been putting his expertise to work as acting primarily as a:

  • strategic growth advisor;
  • operational effectiveness advisor.
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