Edda Pizzati

  • Business Advisor | Sector Team

Our passion and courage allow us to make our visions reality. The action plan follows.

Edda Pizzati has always been passionate about Human Resources development and management. She gained experience while working for organizations that include Adecco Services-conseils RH, National Bank of Canada and Protectron. Her career path has honed an in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding motivation, mobility and the optimization of human resources. She has implemented creative and innovative business strategies to ensure that human capital is at the heart of a company’s success.

In keeping with her professional goals, she founded the start-up Humains virgule in 2015 with a view to highlighting human capital using a new approach that uses the latest technologies to match company needs with an individual’s career path. This innovative approach allows her to work with entrepreneurs and employees who question themselves, strive for excellence and rethink ways of doing things.

Edda Pizzati specializes in:

  • HR Management
  • Organizational change
  • Performance optimization
  • Skills development
  • Recruitment strategy, employee motivation and talent retention

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