Daniel Gélineau

  • Senior Business Advisor | Sector Team

“A growing company is like a developing child—as it evolves, its needs change over time.”

Born in the Eastern Townships to a family of entrepreneurs, Daniel Gélineau quickly learned the meaning of the words “responsible” and “resourceful.”

Daniel has a degree in electrical engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal and nearly 30 years of experience at various levels of the manufacturing sector. He has held positions such as Plant Manager, General Manager, VP of Engineering, VP of Operations and Executive Vice President within several prestigious multinationals, including Kruger and Cascades.

Over the course of his career, Daniel has had the opportunity to work in Europe and the US, and has been involved in numerous improvement, acquisition, restructuring and new plant startup projects, adapting to regional contexts to identify optimal solutions.

His areas of expertise include plant optimization, production management system implementation, process improvement and cutting-edge automation technology deployment.

Throughout the challenges he’s tackled, the key to Daniel’s success has always been his ability to build and lead multifunctional, skilled and efficient teams. He brings this approach to all entrepreneurs looking for growth and process improvement.

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