Claude Martel

  • Director | Board of Directors
  • President | Management Team

 “A successful entrepreneur is an exceptional person who knows a great many things. He/she also knows that he/she doesn’t know everything …”

A seasoned manager, Claude Martel has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning and financing. Over the past few years, Mr. Martel has successfully negotiated several hundred millions of dollars in venture capital financing. Under his leadership, Inno-centre is recognized today as a Canadian leader in providing strategic advice to entrepreneurs dealing with growth challenges. Claude Martel has been on many boards of directors and has received a number of recognitions, including the prestigious Canadian “Top 40 under 40” award.

Claude Martel, one of Inno-centre’s founders, puts his expertise and experience to work in developing innovative companies. His areas of activity are:

  • strategic planning;
  • advice on commercial negotiation;
  • financial strategy;
  • financing structure and negotiation.
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