Bertin Thériault

  • Senior business advisor | Sector Team

A large company can make several costly mistakes, but a small company can only make one…

Bertin Thériault is known for his unique skillset in the field of financial modelling. He has leveraged his expertise in creating tailor-made financial planning tools for IFIs (international financial institutions), investment funds and several private companies. He is often called on to build sophisticated forecast models that facilitate the analysis of implementation costs and the profitability of an investment project.

He has actively participated in the financing, sale or acquisition of over 120 companies in Canada and overseas in a range of sectors that include renewable energy, mining, manufacturing, IT and communications. Over the years, he has developed a skillset that allows him to quickly evaluate a situation and implement an efficient solution.

Throughout his career, Bertin Thériault has held senior roles in large Canadian companies that specialize in corporate and project financing. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and an MBA in Finance.

He specializes in:

  • Financial engineering
  • Financial modelling
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Due diligence
  • Training in financial analysis and modelling
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