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Fumoir Grizzly

Les Innovantes seen by Laura Boivin

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Laura Boivin, a member of the Quebec Bar, has practiced law for the past 22 years. In 1995, she and a partner founded Héroux & Boivin in Quebec City. Until 2010, she was a private lawyer who specialized in trial law before moving to corporate law. During this time, she worked as an advisor to corporate CEOs and participated in company reorganizations. In 2010, Ms. Bouvin and her partner acquired the assets of the Fumoir Grizzly company and took over the management. As well as being CEO of a company, she oversees procurement, optimization projects and R&D.

Fumoir Grizzly was recently awarded several prizes including the Sial Innovation Award, the 2015 CTAQ Innovation In Food award, a Desjardins award for Innovation in Business, a CTAQ Innovation In Technology award, the ADRIQ Technology Partnership Prize and the DUX Productivity and Technology Award. She is also a member of the CTAQ Board of Directors and President of the Association des fumoirs et conférencières. Ms. Boivin completed a postgraduate course in corporate law and holds an MBA in Business Management. In 2016, her success was highlighted by the Association des femmes entrepreneures de Québec who awarded her the Coup de foudre affaires prize.

Inno-centre has set up the Les Innovantes initiative, designed for women entrepreneurs of Quebec SMEs. The members of the advisory committee of this initiative share their vision of women’s entrepreneurship and this unique initiative in Quebec! (French only) About the initiative