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Inno-centre and LHH Knightsbridge conclude partnership agreement

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Inno-centre and Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge, a leader in talent and leadership development, career transition and executive recruitment, have concluded a partnership agreement in order to accompany companies participating in Inno-centre programs by providing them with human resource management and leadership development advice. “Inno-centre continues its growth by developing partnerships which can accompany and support businesses in all facets of their development”, explained Pierre Nelis, Inno-centre chief operating officer.

Franco Maimone, Principal, Talent and Leadership Development and also practice lead for the office in Québec, thinks that this partnership will be good for the companies served by Inno-centre: “We are delighted to have a chance to put our global experience to work for Québec companies who are undergoing strong growth or workforce transformations, and to be able to have a significant impact on the evolution of their business.”

About Inno-centre

For 30 years Inno-centre has offered advising services to innovative SMB at various stages of their development. From its offices in Québec and Montréal, it’s team of more than 80 advisors works throughout Québec with about 250 businesses annually.

About Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge

Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge helps companies simplify the complexity involved in workforce transformation, specifically senior leadership and internal talent so they can accelerate results, with less risk. Through our 300 offices in 65 countries, we help organizations identify talent, develop better leaders and support talent make successful career transitions.